Class Descriptions

Relax & Renew Restorative
Slow down, relax and restore with a supported restorative practice. Enjoy aromatherapy, massage assists and postures to help release tension and stress. Melt into your mat, let what no longer serves you dissipate as you breathe peace into your entire being! 

Flow & Restore
Flow and Restore is the best of both worlds. In this class, you’ll get the body moving with gentle yoga, build heat and strengthen with classic postures before moving into a restorative practice fully supported with bolsters, blankets and heat packs! Sounds amazing right?

Yin | Vin is the best of both worlds. In life, we need to be able to move with change and experience fluidity, as well as know when to be firm and stand our ground.

Experience the luxury of slowing down as you begin class with a series of Yin shapes to create space and increase flexibility, followed by a gentle Vinyasa practice to build strength and stability. Come explore the balance of these two practices on your mat so that you may incorporate them into your life off the mat with grace and ease.

All levels welcome. 

Join us now for a chance to slow down into stillness in this 60 minute practice. This class will give you the opportunity to let your muscles relax and bring healing into the connective tissue and joints. Yin yoga is a blend of yoga postures, the meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the stillness practice of Buddhism. This class creates a balance for those that practice more vigorous forms of yoga, for those that suffer from joint pain, and for those that are willing to go deep. Suitable for beginners to more experienced yogis. 

Fundamental Flow

New to yoga? Looking to get back to the basics? Our Fundamental Flow class is for you! This offering breaks down the fundamentals of yoga, offers modifications and a slightly slower flowing pace. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, this class is all-levels friendly. Sprinkled with reiki energy, Fundamental Flow is filled with the support you need to feel comfortable in your practice. Move through the fundamentals as you learn posture names, alignment and sequences that support the growth and flow of your practice. All are welcome 👋🏻

Rejoice (It’s Friday) Restorative
End the week relaxed in preparation for the weekend. Slow down, relax and restore with a supported restorative practice. Enjoy aromatherapy, massage assists and postures to help release tension and stress. Melt into your mat, let what no longer serves you dissipate as you breathe peace into your entire being! 

Mindful Slow Flow
A gentle vinyasa practice, allowing us to slow down, and tune inward, while providing time for pranayama and meditation. Appropriate for all levels.

Lunchtime Flow
Short on time? Join this lunchtime Vinyasa Flow class and take a moment for yourself during your workday.  Explore the six movements of the spine for mobility, standing and seated postures for strength and flexibility, with time for integration and Savasana.
All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa flow uses breath to guide you through the Baptiste sequence. You will experience a full body workout, heating up muscles and leaving your body feeling detoxed and rejuvenated.

Heated Vinyasa Flow
Follow your breath, move your body, and drop into the present with the Baptiste Power Yoga sequence. Comprised of 53 postures, this powerful heated practice creates tapas (fire) within, while working all dimensions of the body, allowing one to let go of what does not serve, and move into a more balanced and harmonious space. This class is offered in a heated studio between 80-90 degrees. All-levels welcome, but some yoga experience is suggested.

Vinyasa Flow
Building stability in our core is the focus of this energizing flow class.  By engaging  the muscles of our core we can  tone our abs, protect the lower back, find balance and ease in every yoga pose and built strength in order to move and live from our center.

Mindful Morning Yoga
Start your day by honoring yourself with mindful morning yoga!  This class will increase circulation, connect breath, and set a positive tone for the day ahead. This is an all-levels class and is suitable for students who are new to yoga, all body types, and seasoned practitioners.  Newer students will find this class builds confidence and familiarity, while more experienced students refine the fundamentals of alignment and dive into deeper focus. Expect a creative assortment of chants, mantras, mudras, pranayama, basic asanas, and meditations. Postures are taught in a safe and supportive manner.  The sequence and theme changes weekly so the class will stay fresh you will keep progressing in your yoga practice. This class will create a mind-body-spirit synchronicity to nourish you as you flow through your day!

Yogalates & Restore
In this mix class, you’ll enjoy the flowing movement of a yoga class with the core strengthening of a pilates practice. Each class offers a healthy mix of both pilates and yoga postures to calm the mind and heat up the core. Build heat and strength and end the practice in a state of relaxation as we close with restorative postures and massage assists.

Chair Yoga
Chair yoga is a supported practice perfect for any student looking to add yoga to their routine. This class offers seated and standing movements and adaptations of traditional postures with the support of a chair. There are many reasons why a traditional mat practice is not the right fit for a student, bodies change, injuries occur and more. Chair yoga is a wonderful way to focus on the breath, strengthen muscles, stretch and move with the stabilization and comfort that each yoga student deserves. 

Family Yoga

No babysitter required, Friday evenings at Mantra Maine are all about family! It can be a challenge to find an activity that the entire family will love. While we encourage your individual practice, we’ve cultivated a fun class for families to explore the practice of yoga, TOGETHER! 
Learn to incorporate breathwork as you experience the benefits of mindfulness and enjoy the power of movement to support your mind, body and heart. 
Yoga is a powerful tool for all ages! This class is suitable for children ages 7+, but younger students are invited to join at the discretion of the parents. If you feel as though your little one is able to participate, please bring them along. Life happens, each day is different, out of respect for fellow families, we do ask if your little one is unable to settle during class, to please exit to the waiting area. 
Kids are free for this offering, adults are $12 drop-in or class pass. 
We can’t wait to have you join us! Namaste.

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