We choose to host a variety of workshops from top-notch practitioners to aid you on your wellness journey. Whether you’re looking to expand your mind, strengthen your body or simply slow down and receive, we have a workshop for you!

We are always open to hosting new and interesting workshops. If you’re a practitioner that would like to host an offering at Mantra Maine, please reach out to

Grand Opening Relax & Renew Restorative

Sunday, December 1st at 5:30 pm

Instructor: Winter Adams

The studio is officially opening on Monday, December 2nd! As the owner of Mantra Maine Massage & Yoga Studio, I want to be the first instructor to teach in the new space. That’s why I’m offering TWO restorative classes on Sunday, December 1st. Our schedule is still being finalized (the beautiful Julia Redman will be our Sunday morning instructor on the regular schedule, you’ll LOVE her), but I’m excited to offer a 4 pm (FULL) & 5:30 pm Relax & Renew Restorative as the first ever classes at Maine Mantra Both classes will be limited to 10 students per class, pre-registration required.

The studio is an intimate boutique studio that provides a grounded, calm and connected atmosphere to help you meet your well-being goals. Smaller class sizes provide a more interactive experience for both our students and our instructors, leaving you with a fulfilling yoga practice filled with love, gratitude and light.

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Holiday Open House/ Grand Opening

Sunday, December 8th from 3-5 pm

You’re invited to a grand opening holiday party on Sunday, December 8th from 3-5 pm 🌲

There will be raffles for free massage and yoga passes! An opportunity to meet our yoga instructors, see our massage rooms and more!

Enjoy good cheer, loving energy and goodies from Sweet Annie’s of Maine, as well as other local vendors.

In the meantime, if you’d like to be added to the studio email list, please send a message to: or head over to and enter your info when you see the subscriber pop up! 💜❤️💗

New Years Mantra Restorative

January 1st @ 4 pm

Begin 2020 in a supported state of restorative relaxation with our New Years Mantra Restorative. We invite you to pick a mantra, intention or sankulpa that resonates with your heart and mind. Give yourself permission to receive, ground and fill with gratitude as we welcome a new decade filled with new possibilities, revitalized energy and plenty of yoga love!

Let us indulge you with supported restorative postures to expand the heart space and find unity in the mind, body and breath. You’ll enjoy aromatherapy, lavender eye pillows and heat bags to help you achieve the ultimate state of comfort. Plus, you’ll receive massage assists from both in house Mantra Maine massage therapists, Winter Adams & Sarah Pettengill.

This class is all-levels friendly. Space is limited to 10 students in an effort to give each student ample love and attention while they set an intention for the New Year!

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Soundings LifeBreath with Brenda Colfer

Friday, February 21st @ 6:30 pm

Soundings LifeBreath is a combination of my two passions, breath and sound. The inner art of breathing along with our conscious intention is a fun way to attain our goals of radiant health, mental clarity, emotional peace, and spiritual fulfillment.

LifeBreath is a high level and extremely powerful, transformational self-help tool. This dynamic breathing style is an amazing way to reduce stress and re-energize your body. All you do is lie on the mat and breathe! Wear comfortable clothes to breathe in and water to hydrate and a willingness to breathe change into your life! There are yoga mats and blankets to use at the spa. Transformation and a deep sense of “Self” is created through the process of deep breathing, affirmations, music, Sound Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, rocking and other intuitive techniques.

What to expect: the first half hour we will discuss what you may experience during the process, how to do the breath and we each set an intention to breathe for our session. We spend 40 minutes in the deep diaphragmatic breathing process and then move into a more relaxed breath for about 15 to 20 minutes. During the breathing process, I will check in with your breath, placing my hands on your body to run energy, and will probably use a variety of sound tools to support your process. We will then have 15 minutes to integrate and ground and share. To find out if the breath is right for you, please visit

Investment in self: $35
Space is limited ♥

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Sound Healing Journeywork w/ Ben Carroll

Sunday, March 8th @ 2pm

Sometimes it’s hard to get down past our own busy minds. Journeying with sound is an invaluable tool to help us LET GO and slip down past that chatter. In this sound healing journey guided by former Universal Recording Artist, Ben Carroll, we will utilize the sounds of his 4 octave voice, singing bowls, solfeggio tubes, and various other sound tools to journey deep within ourselves with the intention of reconnecting to our higher self and to strengthen our own intuition and inner knowing. We will utilize the energy of the group coming together to hold this intention to amplify our results and leave you feeling charged for days.

Sound Journeying (sometimes called a sound bath) is a very powerful medium. It is a tuning for the body, mind and soul. Entraining to sound is an extremely effective way to get down past the conscious mind and into a much deeper meditative state than what meditation alone usually allows. In the depths of this mind state much HEALING & RELEASING can occur, allowing for states of bliss & ecstasy to permeate our being. From this state of mind it’s much easier to find our spiritual center, to reconnect to our own intuition, and to tap into higher states of consciousness.

To start the evening we will set our intention which is always important when doing any energy work, next we’ll activate the energy of the group with some simple group toning, and then we will move into the experience of the sound journey for approximately 75-85 minutes.

** We recommend that you dress comfy and please bring water.
** Please bring whatever you will be comfortable lying down on for an extended period of time such as: pillows, a blanket, a yoga mat, or cushions. Some people also benefit from a bolster under their knees to prevent strain on the lower back. You’ll want to be as relaxed as possible during this two hour sonic experience.

** More info on Ben Carroll & his amazing work at

Tickets $35 in advance // $40 at the door // Pre-registration is encouraged as space is limited and these events regularly sell out

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